Pilachhen Redevelopment Project

Maya Foundation has come up with a new project concept of redeveloping Pilachhen area located in Patan. Pilachhen is an old newari community which has its own originality. It has its own social and cultural importance as it got different temples and buildings like Ganesh Temple, Pilachhen Baha- Hem Chandra Mahabihar, Tavern (Pati), Newari cultured party house(Chapa Chenn), Pilachhen Pond and area for weaving ancient Newari Saree (Hakupatasi). As a result of damages caused by earthquake of 2015/ 04/ 25, it has become necessary to reconstruct & repair and maintain the damaged buildings. With an aim to resurrect that area, we can make its buildings earthquake resistant and increase the social and tourism activities by adopting the architecture reflecting its originality. Furthermore, we can promote the local business or develop new source of income by using its buildings for commercial purposes.

Purpose of this project:

This project aims at fulfilling the following purposes:

  1. To provide safe living and healthy environment by repairing and reconstructing houses of the local residents
  2.  To protect the traditional architecture
  3. To develop infrastructures
  4. To promote local business
  5. To increase income of local residents by promoting the tourism- oriented business
  6. To conduct programs in social buildings and open space for encouraging social interactions

Project Proposal

  1. Purpose of to- be- constructed buildings
  2. To enhance and protect traditional architectures
  3. To enhance and protect social and cultural heritages
  4. To develop around the area
  5. Construction Technology