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1. What topic (subject) do you want to train from the Maya Foundation? Please(Tick)
a) Book-Keeping
b) Ornament Design
c) Computer Training
d) Office Management
e) Administrative Management
f) Photography
g) Secretarial Science
h) Sales Management
i) Marketing Management
j) Production Management
k) Distribution Management
l) Cooking
m) Media
n) Recording System
o) Journalism
p) Others
2. If you have any specific interest to learn from the Maya Foundation. Please specify the subject of the training.
3. Why you are interested to choose the above mentioned training program? Explain.
4. Do you have any specific skill or knowledge? Define it
5. Are you unemployed?
6. Did you get any training from the working organization? Mention it.
7. Why you are not getting proper job? What are the major problems? Explain.
I hereby also undertake to abide by the rules & regulation prescribed by the Maya Foundation.

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